Heidelberg Innovation Park


The Business Development Center Organic Electronics is the first building block in the Heidelberg Innovation Park (HIP).

In 2017, a new high-tech park will be built on Patton Barracks, the area formerly used by the US military. Existing and new buildings on this logistically ideal site will house a new district for innovation. Start-ups and established IT and digital media, biotech, microelectronics and environmental technology companies will be able to establish themselves on the 17-ha area. There is no other more suitable location for this ambitious project.

The BDC OE at the northern tip will be the first new building heralding the development of the HIP. Additionally, Bahnstadt in the immediate vicinity has developed into a flagship residential district with its passive-house standard. Several hotels are to the north of the area and the Heidelberg central station is also within a few minutes’ walking distance.

Hence, the HIP offers great potential, especially for you as a tenant of the BDC OE. Please visit the Heidelberg website for further information on the HIP.